37 - 41 A.D.
Gaius Caesar Germanicus
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Caligula Illustration


Little did the popular Germanicus realize that his son Caligula would be the most depraved monster to occupy the imperial throne. His own troops nicknamed the boy Caligula which means "Baby-boots". He appeared to be a good emperor at the start, but he was absolutely corrupt, utterly immoral, and he committed incest with his own sisters. He dealt severely with his senators, humiliating them publicly. He was a complete psychopath thinking he was a god. The Emperor Caligula threatened to set up a statue of himself in the Temple in Jerusalem. He was assassinated at his palace in 41 A.D.

Caligula Roman Emperor

Caligula Busts and Statues

1. Bust of Gaius Caligula
Bust of Gaius CaligulaCaligula is the adopted son of Tiberius. He is wearing a beard as a sign of mourning for the death of his sister Drusilla. This marble bust was sculpted and found in Thrace. It's on display at the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France


2. Face of Caligula
Face of CaligulaThis marble bust of the Emperor Caligula was discovered in Thrace. The expression portrays him as innocent and kind, yet history describes him as cruel, insane, and practiced incest and homosexuality. The bust is on display at the Louvre Museum in France.


3. Emperor Caligula
Bust of the Emperor CaligulaThis bust portrays Caligula as manly and very distinguished. Caligula was described as an Emperor who acquired what he lusted for, other men's wives, and even his own sister. He would lust for pretty women and discard them quickly. One of his many homosexual affairs was with a notable Greek actor. This bust is located at the Houston Museum of Natural Science .


4. Sculpture of Caligula
Sculpture of CaligulaThe Emperor Caligula only reigned for 3 years and 4 months. According to ancient sources his cruelness and insanity brought about his downfall. This sculpture depicts another side of him, a a gentle yet fierce leader with the tendency to get mad easily.


5. Polychromy of Caligula
Polychromy of CaligulaHe was one of Rome's worst Emperors. Using samples from the pigment from an ancient statue of Caligula this likeness was created. This one is a reconstruction of the original polychromy. Exhibited at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, on a loan from the Glyptotek in Munich.

Caligula Coins


1. Caligula Coin

Caligula Coin
This coin reveals the bare head of Caligula with the inscription "C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT".


2. Caligula Gold Copper Coin

Caligula Gold Copper Coin
An ancient Roman coin of Caligula made in Orichalcum, an alloy of gold and copper in the Andes. It's embossed with the laureate head of Caligula and an inscription that states "C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT". Below is the Reverse.


3. Caligula's 3 Sisters

Caligula and His 3 Sisters
Caligula's three sisters: Agrippina, Drusilla, and Julia are standing together on this coin which was minted in Rome. His sisters are portrayed in the coin as somewhat having divine attributes. Agrippina leaning on a column like Securitas, she is holding a cornucopia and placing her hand on Drusilla who is postured like Concordia holding the patera and cornucopia and lastly, on the right is Julia, who is positioned like Fortuna holding a rudder and cornucopia. Above coin is the Obverse.


4. Caligula and Germanicus

Caligula and Germanicus Coin
This coin reveals the laureate head of Caligula on the left, and the bare head of Germanicus on the right.


5. Imperial Coin of Caligula

Imperial Coin of Caligula
Left is the wreathed head of Caligula with caption "C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS IMP," and on the right is an oak wreath encircling "SEGO BRIGA" in two lines.


6. Coin of Caligula and Augustus

Coin of Caligula and Augustus
Gaius Caligula is on the left with his laureate, and opposite is the head of the Divine Augustus radiating with stars on both sides.


7. Sestertius of Caligula

Sestertius of Caligula
The front (obverse) on the left is the wreathed head of Caligula with the caption "C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG P M TR P III P P". On the reverse is Caligula standing on a platform addressing five helmeted soldiers with shields, parazonia and two aquila. It bears a legend "ADLOCVT COH".


7. Caligula and Agrippina Coin

Caligula and Agrippina
The laureate head of Caligula is shown on the left with emblem "C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR POT". Agrippina (the elder) with her braided hair is on the right with the legend "AGRIPPINA MAT C CAES AVG GERM".

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